Minutes From January 7, 2010 Membership Meeting


Those present: Nancy Shore, Get Downtown; Julie Minerd and Charlie Adams, Salon XL; Megan Crosbie, Ann Arbor Area Chamber; Rhonda Foxworth and Carl Ent, Bank of Ann Arbor; Key Seaser and Meagan Hughes, AAACVB; Elizabeth Cain, Ann Arbor Brewing Company; Angela Pierro, Zero Gravity Designs; Maureen Elliott, Key Bank; Chris DeRuyver, Affinity Wealth Solutions; Katherine Hesse, Abracadabra Jewelry; T.J. Smith and Lori Chisnell, Boxcar Studio; Alan Freedman, Four Directions; Tony Lipo, Salon Vox; Moira Branigan, Get Down Town; Scott Huckestein, Schakolad; Ellie Serras, MS BIZ; Habte Dadi, Blue Nile; Elmo, Elmo’s Main Street T-Shirts; Jill Damon, 16 Hands; Barbara Brown, WSG Gallery; Clay Gallery; Sue Burke, MSV; Mary Morgan, Ann Arbor Chronicle; Marzie Teall, City Council; David Low, Key Bank; Melissa Wines, Guild; Jim Hart, Seyfried Jewlers; Tyler Osburn and Austin McHenry, UofM Ice Carving Team; Kathy MacDonald, MacDonald Group; David Myers, Mighty Good; Susan Breie, City Council; Rob Boonin, Butzel Long; Ann Arbor DDA; Hannah Ashmore, Jolly Pumpkin;

Vice President Scott Huckestein called the meeting to order at 8:00 AM. Welcome introductions and introduction of Maura to give general Main Street update.

Maura Thomson, Director of Main Street Area Association
Advertising: MSAA will be having more advertising opportunities for Main Street members. Specifically, they currently have 50 spots (one a week) on AnnArbor.com. Contact Maura if you are interested, she will be taking members on a first come first serve basis. Additionally, next week she has a meeting with the Chronicle, she will keep you updated if more opportunities arise.
Window Display Contest: Thank you to the DDA for funding the contest. The winners were 1st 826 Writing Center, 2nd Ten Thousand Villages, and 3rd Mirs.
Restaurant Week: Will be January 17th – 22nd. Make reservations now!
Winter Warrior Weekend: Feb. 6th down town restaurants will be putting out their patio furniture on the sidewalks and waiting on people outside!!! Patrons who are strong enough to endure the elements for a beverage or food will receive some sort of a stamp or ticket, which they can then bring into participating retail businesses for a designated discount.
Meetings: These Main Street member meetings will be rotating this year between time and location. Our next meeting will be at lunch time at a different restaurant.


Scott announced newly elected board members: Sue Burke, Nancy Shore, Chris DeRuyver, and Jill Damon. Then introduced Mark Tucker, UofM, to discuss the up coming Festifools celebration.

Mark tucker for Festifools
This will be the 4th annual Festifools public art display (parade down Main Street). This year they have 13,000 entries, 200 UofM student volunteers, and 200 community volunteers. After the parade the audience and volunteers are usually pumped and want to stay down town. Mark would like to have the businesses embrace this opportunity by maintaining the theme in their stores or by offering some kind of fun specials. The parade will be on April 11th from 4-5pm. If you have questions you can go to festivefools.com. Additionally, if you are interested they will be having an open house on Feb. 13th called Puppets and Pancakes.


Ellie Series update on Business Improvement Zone Initiative
Last Monday night they brought resolution to City Council for approval of business plan, it was approved. Now, the next step is that ballots will go out to property owners and they need a 16% approval to pass. If this occurs the plan will go into effect next year.

Tyler, UofM, for Ice Carving Extravaganza
The Ice Carving Extravaganza will be January 29th, 30th, and 31st this year. The ice carving team will be going around to local businesses and asking if they would like to pay $125 to have an ice sculpture carved and placed in front of their establishment.

Drew Waler, Marketing and Sales Director of the Michigan Theater
January 28th the Sundance Film Festival will be coming to the Michigan Theater! We are only one of eight cities that the festival comes too! Additionally, we are lucky enough to be hosting the premiere of Cyrus, for which the directors will be flying in to attend. If you are interested in purchasing tickets go to: http://michtheater.org/

If you are interested in creating a partnership with you business and the MI Theater please contact Drew. One of his suggestions was to have an exchange of marketing. If you put out their table tents or posters they can advertise your business on their movie screens before shows.

Susan, DDA, Parking Meters
The DDA has assigned a task force to create a parking plan; what to do about evening parking and whether putting parking meters in neighborhoods is a good idea. They would like to have focus group meetings with some of you, who have businesses that stay open late. They are trying to ask all the questions and have discussed creating a survey and/or hiring consultants.

Ann Arbor Art Center: Feb. 19th Artini fundraiser. Buy a ticket and sample martinis from 6 different area restaurants. If interested go to their website: http://www.annarborartcenter.org/start.php

Ann Arbor Art Center: Feb. 20th 30×30=1 art show. It will be 30 area artist with 30 pieces of work each, on display at the Art Center

Get Downtown: They are now offering a night ride that is available for when the buses stop running. It is $1.00 with a Go Pass and is door to door service. I you have any questions go to their website: http://getdowntown.org/

First Fridays At Our Art Venues: Various galleries and the Art Center will be staying open late and hosting various events on the first Fridays of the month. They encourage other businesses to stay open late also to help draw people down town.

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