Minutes From April 1, 2010 Membership Meeting


April 1, 2010

Those present: Dave Low, Key Bank; Nancy Shore, Get Down Town; Angela Pierro, Zero Gravity Designs; Scott Huckestein, Schakolad; Habte Dadi, Blue Nile; Elmo, Elmo’s Main Street T-Shirts; Sue Burke, MSV; Lisa Caesar, Comerica Bank; Ryan Gillies, Logan Restaurant; Marsha Chamberlin, Ann Arbor Art Center; Ellie Serras, Main Street Area Business Zone; Carl Ent, Bank of Ann Arbor; Maureen Hawley, La Belle Mason; Susan Pollay DDA; Sabra Briere, City Council; Katherine Lesse, Abracadabra; Margaret Svoboda, Ann Arbor Dog Day Care; Felix Landrum, Café Felix; Caroline Kaganov and Tom Murray, Conor O’Neills; Kyle Maurek, AACC; Rebecca Scott, WEMU; Chris DeRuyver, Affinity Wealth Solutions; Rob Boonin, Butzel Long; Alan Freedman, Four Directions; Jill Damon, 16 Hands; Tony Lupo, Salon Vox; Jen DeGregorio, AnnArbor.com..

President of MSAA, Tom Murray, thanked Café Felix for hosting meeting

Introduction of Ellie Serras to discus Business Improvement Zone (BIZ)

Business Improvement Zone initiative is a special assessment district that allows for an assessment on commercial property within a defined area. The assessment is then dedicated to the defined area, to finance enhanced services. The BIZ is designed by the commercial property owners in a proposed benefit district, requested by them to the City Council, and when approved by Council, governed by them.

To move their proposal forward the BIZ needed 30% of the property owners from the proposed district to endorse their plan. They received over 50%. Then they had to hold a public meeting, invite all the property owners and receive 50% of the attendees support. They received 70%. As a result the BIZ was able to take the plan to city council, where the resolution was passed and the city clerk mailed out ballots to all property owners in the district; they needed 60% of votes in favor for BIZ. They received 95% of votes in favor.

The BIZ will be officially put into action July 1, 2010. This means that a tax will be applied to all property owners in the defined BIZ district. Specifically, the taxes collected for the BIZ will be put towards snow removal on sidewalks, litter and debris pick-up, and landscaping (the flower beds). This will be in effect for 7 years. Other services will be decided by business owners, 60% have to agree). The first year budget of the BIZ will be roughly $100,000.

For more information visit: http://www.annarbormainstreetbiz.com/

Introduction of Nancy Shore from getDowntown to discus May Community Challenge

During the month of May getDowntown will be hosting the May Community Challenge. By finding other ways to commute downtown (other than your car) you earn points towards prizes and ice cream from Washtenaw Dairy. To register go to their website. Additionally, there will be a competition between businesses that are matched by their size (number of employees).

For more information visit: http://getdowntown.org/

Introduction of Tony Lupo to discuss City parking plan

MSAA recently sent out a survey to members regarding what they thought of some of the DDA’s proposed parking changes and what some possible alternatives might be. As a result of the survey a MSAA parking committee composed a letter encompassing the general consensus of the membership. Tony read the letter in order to get any feedback from the membership before he presented it to City Council.

Some of the findings from the survey that are included in the letter are:

-over 80% of those who took the survey oppose changes or extensions to parking meter times

-If changes do need to be made to the parking system creative enhancements must be found, some ideas include;

Free parking component in structures

Employee options, such as extended bus hours

A well thought out marketing plan (with business owners input)

Susan Pollay from the DDA explained that the DDA parking draft plan would be up on the web the following afternoon. She was unsure when discussions would be open. Their finalized budget is due in May.

Our next meeting will have an update from Tony.


April 1st Sidewalk Occupancy applications went up on the MSAA homepage. It is important that you get these in by May 1st to the City because then anyone can apply for space.

Sandwich board enforcement goes into effect today (not allowed on sidewalks). If you are against this law please email City Council members (more than one member) and cc Maura.

Next Meeting

May 6th @ AnnArbor.com, 8am

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