Sandwich Board Update

The DDA passed the following resolution on Wednesday, April 7, to try to get the sandwich board issue back to Council on April 19th. If this makes it on the April 19th agenda I encourage you to speak out during public commentary at the Council meeting about the importance of being able to use a sandwich board to promote your business. I will let you know as soon as I get any information about the agenda.

Resolution Asking City Council to Approve Sandwich Board Sign Regulations

Whereas, On October 5, 2009 City Council passed Resolution R-09-404 establishing a task force to review the existing City policies associated with sandwich board signs, and to frame recommendations regarding placement, size regulations and fees;

Whereas, On February 16, 2010 City Council reviewed staff recommendations that drew heavily on the work of this Sandwich Board Sign Taskforce, but rejected their recommendations;

Whereas, Sandwich board signs are part of a vibrant downtown streetscape, and they add visual interest to the pedestrian experience;

Whereas, Sandwich board signs are also important to downtown’s many independent small businesses who rely on these signs as a vital and affordable form of advertisement;

Whereas, In the absence of City Council approved regulations downtown business owners are being warned that they will be fined for using these signs as they had for many years previously;

RESOLVED, The DDA asks City Council to bring back its Sandwich Board Sign Regulations ordinance for any necessary revisions and approval at its next meeting on April 19, 2010 so that sandwich sign boards can be used once again on downtown sidewalks.

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