MSAA Meeting, Thursday, Oct. 7th, 8am, Conor O’Neill’s


The Big Chill – Meaghan Hughes, Ann Arbor Area Convention and Visitors Bureau. Find out how your business can get involved in this record breaking event. Saturday, Dec. 11th, the University of Michigan hockey team takes on Michigan State in the Big House! This will be the largest attended outdoor hockey game in history.

Ward 5 and Ward 2 Candidate Forum – City Council Candidates from Ward 5; Newcombe Clark, John Floyd, and Carsten Hohnke and Ward 2; Tony Derezinski and Emily Salvette will give discuss downtown issues and answer your questions.

The Chronicle
covered the forum. Click here for detailed coverage.

October 7, 2010

Those present: Moira Branigan, Get Down Town; Elmo, Elmo’s Main Street T-Shirts; Susan Pollay DDA; Sabra Briere, City Council; Tom Murray, Conor O’Neills; Chris DeRuyver, Affinity Wealth Solutions; Tony Lupo, Salon Vox; AA Observer; Rhonda Foxworth, Bank of Ann Arbor; Jim Hart, Seyfried Jewelers; Sara Simon, Bank of Ann Arbor; Rebecca Scott, 89.1 WEMU; Carl D. Ent, BOAA; Rob Boonin, Butzel Long; Mark Passerini, OM of Medicine; Julie Minerd, Salon XL; Kyle Mazurek, Chamber; Doug Martelle, Ann Arbor Police; Scott Munzel, Scott Munzel, PC; Scott Huckestein, Schakolad.; Nina Juergens, Acme Mercantile; Jill Damon, 16 Hands; Angela Pierro, Zero Gravity Designs; Gale Redding, Hooper Hathaway; Chase Ingersoll; A2 Global Shipping; Jesse Bernstein; Roger Pothus, Renaissance; Ron Stevens; MISBTDC; Lisa Dorwin, Comerica Bank

President of MSAA, Tom Murray
Greetings and introduction of Meaghan Hughes from the Ann Arbor Area Convention and Visitors Bureau

Meaghan Hughes, Ann Arbor Area Convention and Visitors Bureau
The Big Chill (hockey game, UofM vs. State) will be held December 11th. It will be in the Guinness Book of Records as the most attended outdoor hockey game. Meaghan urges all businesses to get involved and have deals to make this a city wide event. Restaurants could have special menus, hotels could have deals, have entertainment outside business… The CVB will have a website; . On it will be an After Party page where you could have a link to your business homepage or information on some deal you are having. If you are interested email Maura.

City Council Candidate Forum, each candidate given 5 minutes to speak

Tony Derezinski, Ward 2
There are 3 things that Tony would focus on in City Council:
1) Providing services to community
a. Provide police / fire
b. Offer alternative ways of doing things, creating zones
c. Balance the budget
2) Good planning
a. Transportation
3) Proactive Collaboration to be economically consistent
a. With neighborhood associations
b. With DDA

Emily Salvette, Libetarian, Ward 2
Emily states;
“I believe each person has the right to manage his or her own life and property. The role of government is simply to secure those rights.”
-Government has gotten to big and to expensive
-Government should be limited
-They should not be part of city planning
-There should not be an income tax.

Newcombe Clark, Ward 5
Newcombe states;
-City Council positions should not be paid, but rather volunteered. He would donate his salary to an area nonprofit.
-If we extend parking hours we need to offset it some how
-Would like to see an Express Bus to Ypsilanti and airport
-More art, research has shown economic benefits to more art
-Look at economic policy, what are we doing right, what are we doing wrong
-Get rid of lots, could be making money off of them
-Fix corruption with building inspections
-Make Beat Cops a priority
-Look at new ways of making revenue
-Look at change

John Floyd, Ward 5
-Talked about unique authenticity of Ann Arbor, merchants and history give authenticity
-Would focus on families because they give to the community, while the 20 something’s do not

Carsten Hohnke, Ward 5
-Parking and transportation options are vital for the city and its merchants to be successful
-3 things city needs to focus on to help merchants
-communication, businesses need to be involved in planning
Carsten states he has experience communicating with
businesses when the sandwich board regulations and
loading zone permits changed
-supporting infrastructure; transportation, parking, and
increasing downtown housing
-Quality of life; support arts and culture

Questions from audience:
What are plans for Library Lot?
Hohnke- does not support open space on lot, would like to see mixed use development

Would you plan to bring back police?
Clark- yes
Derezinski- need the money first

How would you raise new revenue?
Clark- sell lots
Salvette- Cutting spending / for example with city employee contracts
Floyd- From University, expand boundaries
Derezinski- Collaboration with other community entities, income tax
Hohnke- Increase taxes, invest in arts and culture, efficiency

-16 Hands 35th Anniversary, visit their website for list of events:

-Ann Arbor Art Walk October 22, 23, 24

-GO Passes will be delivered the last 2 weeks of month

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