MSAA General Membership Meeting, Thursday, October 1st, 2015, 8am, Conor O’Neill’s

Those present: Bonita Neighbors, Community Dental Center; Tom Murray, Conor O’Neill’s; Alan Freedman, Four Directions; Amy Cameron and Michell Valentine, ITHAKA/JSTOR; Barbara Brown, WSG Gallery; Nancy Shore, getDowntown/AAATA; Marcus Schwimmer and Liz Sulliven, Vault of Midnight; Pippa Creffield, Abracadabra Jewelry; Sarah Miller, AAACVB; Elmo Morales, Elmo’s Main Street T-Shirts; Ron Stevens, Michigan Small Business & Technology Development Center; Samantha West, Alzheimer’s Association; Trevor Step, Running Fit; Francyne Stacey, Hooper Hathaway; Mary Morgan, The CivCity Initiative; Hilary Gustafson, Literati Bookstore; Sara Hoffman, Bank of Ann Arbor; Neil VanHouten, Pangborn Collection; Rhonda Foxworth, Plaid Fox Marketing; Judy Comstock and Andrea Klein, Republic Parking; Doug Martelle, Tom Kooy, Tom Hickey and Matt Lige, AAPD; Kelley Rubelman, Peacable Kingdom; Lucia Lagoy, Café Zola; Barbara Davenport, A2Y Chamber; Omari Rush, Ann Arbor Art Center

Tom Murray, President of MSAA
Greetings and Introductions

Tom welcomes new board member Francyne Stacey of Hooper Hathaway, and expresses gratitude for former board member Rob Boonin’s service to the MSAA.

Dr. Bonita Neighbors, Community Dental Center
The Community Dental Center has been a part of the Ann Arbor community for 33 years. Although it is set up like a private practice, it is also a part of the U of M School of Dentistry, which allows patients the opportunity receive dental work at discounted rates when performed by supervised students of the school. The center also gives back to the community by donating free care to qualified patients.

Dr. Neighbors believes that employees that maintain oral health are better workers. She offers tours of the Community Dental Center, located in the downtown area at 406 N. Ashley St., and is also willing to come out and speak to businesses and their staff. For more information, contact at 734-998-9640, or

Doug Martelle and Tom Kooy, Community Engagement Officers
The AAPD is currently working on minimizing the presence of chronic aggressive panhandlers. Officers need to witness it firsthand in order to issue citations, so if you see it happening please contact the AAPD with the location. Panhandlers are allowed to sit on sidewalks and planter boxes if they are not blocking the flow of foot traffic, however if they are occupying sidewalk space in front of your business that you rent from the city you may ask them to leave.

The Ann Arbor Police Department invites you to host Coffee with a Cop – an informal meeting where citizens can build relationships and discuss neighborhood issues with the AAPD. Please contact Tom Kooy at or Doug Martelle at to schedule a date and time.

Shoplifting/Retail Fraud – Businesses do not need to wait for someone to attempt to steal something before calling the AAPD. If you notice a suspicious shopper, call the AAPD non-emergency number and an officer will stop by the store to assess the situation. Retailers are also encouraged to prosecute juvenile shoplifters, as this not only sends a clear message, but also makes them eligible for programs to help keep them out of trouble.

Omari Rush, Ann Arbor Art Center, POP-X
The Ann Arbor Art Center will present its inaugural Pop-X festival Oct 15-24. This annual 10 day outdoor exhibition of contemporary art centers around small pavilions that ‘pop-up’ as art exhibition spaces throughout the Ann Arbor area. For this event, its first iteration, 10 pavilions will be grouped in Liberty Plaza Park in a village setting. The inside of the pavilions will house art exhibitions from selected artists created specifically for this event, while outside the pavilions the Art Center will host a variety of community programs. Installation begins 10/9, with a collectors preview on 10/14. The exhibition is free and will be open to the public daily, 10/15 – 10/24, from 10am -8pm. For more info go to

Mary Morgan, The CivCity Initiative
The CivCity Initiative is an organization dedicated to increasing participation in American democracy through outreach and education, promoting civic literacy, and counteracting apathy. The organization works to achieve their goals by saturating the community with opportunities for engagement and involvement, partnering with other local organizations, and coming up with creative ways to insert civics into community programs for all ages. The CivCity Initiative is open to partnerships, and is a designated non-profit, so all donations are tax deductible. For more info visit

Nancy Shore, Ann Arbor Area Transit Authority, getDowntown
Transportation is the biggest barrier to employment for low income workers. The Go!Pass program offers unlimited rides on TheRide buses, as well as free parking at Pioneer High School with a shuttle to Blake Transit Center. Other updates include the new Ann/Ashley bike house, additional Zipcars (daily and hourly car sharing) as well as bike sharing kiosks. The AAATA will be adding 44% more service, made possible by the recently passed millage. There is currently a ballot initiative to bring bus service to Scio Township.


Annual Treat Parade is Friday, October 30th, from 11am-5pm.

The next General Membership Meeting will be held at 8am on Thursday, November 5th, in the Celtic Room at Conor O’Neill’s. This meeting will feature our annual Retail Showcase, where neighborhood retailers give us a sneak peak at great holiday gift ideas.

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