Midnight Madness Entertainment

Entertainers will perform on the sidewalks of the Main Street Area from 7-9pm

Anything Goes Quartet
What do you get when you put together a pyrotechnics professional, a nutty professor, a sleuth and an event coordinator?

A. An explosive quartet.
B. Four wacky Sweet Adelines investigating ways to have fun.
C. Barbershoppers committed to life long learning and improvement of their craft.
D. Women who love to entertain.

The answer is all of the above.

Their name is “Anything Goes” and that says it all!

Chris Solano’s wonderful talent as a young Elvis balladeer and rocker has earned him admiration and praise from fans and peers alike.

Midnight Blue
In 2006, a vocal jazz octet (later to be named “Midnight Blue”) was formed as a subset of the U-M Women’s Glee Club. The octet underwent drastic changes in 2009, expanding its repertoire to include pop, doo-wop, hip-hop, be-bop, sha-doo-wop, tragic ballads, and side-splitting parodies.

Ann Arbor Morris
Morris dancing is a form of ritual folkdance that originates in England and dates back to at least the 15th century. The fact that it is a ritual, as opposed to social, dance implies that it has other purposes besides being just plain fun. Fertility, death and rebirth are common themes in morris. In fact, morris dancers everywhere celebrate May Day to welcome in the spring.

Morris dancers traditionally dress in all white, wear bells tied to their shins, and carry sticks or hankies. They dance to live music played on instruments such as the accordion, penny whistle, fiddle and tabor. While many dances have been passed down over the years, new dances and traditions are being developed by teams everywhere.

The Pioneers
Pioneer High School student a cappella group.

Sha-Bop Shoppe
Sha-Bop Shoppe a student-run treble a cappella group and the oldest a capella group at Pioneer. Beginning as an extracurricular available for academic credit in 1978, Sha-Bop Shoppe evolved into a curricular ensemble similar to a show choir in 1989 and continued as such until 2001 when it went from being a curricular mixed group to a student run all-female group. The Sha-Bop Shoppe of old was known for performing broadway hits and choreographed pop music, but the Sha-Bop Shoppe that exists in 2016 is a little more eclectic; performing anything from Disney classics to recent movie hits to 90’s favorites and everything in between. It is a group of eight girls with great voices and wild ideas coming together to produce music that will hopefully bring joy or laughter to those who hear it.

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